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East Midlands

  • Frack Free Misson

    A group to oppose the development of unconventional oil and gas extraction in our local area. IGas are planning to drill 2 exploratory shale gas wells off the Springs Road in Misson, Nottinghamshire.

  • Clay Cross Against Fracking

  • Whitwell Against Fracking

    Whitwell against Fracking is a non-political community group concerned about the impact of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking as means of energy production. We will aim to provide information and help educate to all concerned about the use of, or potential use of this process within Whitwell and the surrounding area.

  • Barlborough Against Fracking

    Frack Free Barlborough is a non-political community group concerned about the impact of fracking on the area. We are non-profit making and welcome all members of Barlborough and the surrounding area. We, along with many other local groups, aim to protect our environment, health and livelihoods. We only support non-violent, legal and peaceful protests.

  • Frack Free Bolsover

    Frack Free Bolsover is a non-political community group concerned about the impact of fracking on the area. We are non-profit making and welcome all members of Bolsover and the surrounding area. We, along with many other local groups, aim to protect our environment, health and livelihoods.

  • Harthill Against Fracking

    This group aims to educate those who are unfamiliar with the practices and potential dangers involved in the fracking process. It also allows members to discuss their views and concerns related to fracking. By joining this group, you are acknowledging and are united in, the opposition to the proposed shale gas exploration and fracking within […]

  • Frack Free Sherwood and Edwinstowe

    We’re a group and a forum for local groups of residents that want our homes, farmland, parks and open spaces free from fracking. We are raising awareness and taking action, so Protecting Sherwood Forest, Edwinstowe, Ollerton, Boughton, Mansfield, Sutton, Dukeries area. Join us find out more about fracking and what you can do in some […]

  • Dronfield Against Fracking

    We are a newly formed group of residents, mainly from Dronfield, committed to stopping companies fracking in Dronfield and the surrounding areas. We operate with the support of and alongside other groups such as Frack Free South Yorkshire, Eckington against Fracking and Sheffield Against Fracking. We are committed to stopping these untested and potentially hazardous […]

  • Clowne Against Fracking

    This group aims to give you, the public in our community, informed information on how fracking will affect our village if it is allowed to go ahead – and what YOU can do to prevent it happening. There is a public meeting on the first Thursday every month at Eckington Miners Welfare at 7.30pm.

  • Eckington Against Fracking

    Anti-fracking group formed to give local residents and businesses the chance to join together to oppose high volume hydraulic fracturing in the surrounding area.

  • Frack Free Derbyshire

    Frack Free Derbyshire wants to unite residents of Derbyshire in an effort to let our representatives know we don’t want hundreds of oil wells dug in our county and national park poisoning our water, causing earthquakes and destroying our countryside.

  • Frack Free Tinker Lane

    We are hoping to attract local people who live in Retford to join together to fight plans to FRACK at “Tinker Lane”. We believe that Tinker Lane and IGas’s other site of interest, Springs Road, Misson Springs are the first of a what will be a flood of applications and that if left unchecked a […]

  • Frack Free Ashfield

    A group for opposing fracking and unconventional hydrocarbon exploration and extraction in Ashfield district, Nottinghamshire. If you would like to attend any of our meetings please see our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/496593317190279/ for details of the next one.

  • Frack Free Erewash

    Frack Free Erewash is a place to “educate, agitate, organise” and is part of a wider movement of resistance to fracking in Derbyshire, East Midlands the U.K and beyond.

  • Amber Valley Against Fracking

    This morning I heard some disturbing news that in Amber Valley (Alfreton and Ripley area) Ineos have been awarded the license to start hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking.

  • Frack Free Scunthorpe

    Frack Free Scunthorpe is a campaign group opposed to “Fracking” in the Scunthorpe area, across the region and throughout the UK. We all need to stand steadfast against this threat on our countryside, the environment and our health.

  • Frack Off Peterborough

    We are a group of people who don’t want Peterborough fracked.

  • Frack-Free Kirton in Lindsey

    FFKIL is a politically neutral locally led community action group.  Currently meeting once a week as we come together in order to oppose Hydraulic Fracturing [Fracking] which may be coming to our own and neighbouring communities. Meetings are friendly and informative, please come along if you want to learn more about Fracking or if you have […]

  • Frack Free Isle

    Campaigning for a clean energy future for the Isle of Axholme

  • Frack Free Mauxhall Farm

    A page for the community against oil extraction/hydraulic fracturing/well sites or the construction of exploratory boreholes at Mauxhall Farm, Immingham.

  • Misson Community Action Group

    A residents’ group representing the community, protecting our local environment and securing the best future for our village.east

  • Frack Free Lincs

    Frack free Lincs is a county-wide umbrella group formed in February 2014 to inform, campaign, and support communities on the fracking frontline. Regular meetings. All welcome! Tel: 07960 967604 Twitter

  • Frack Free Gainsborough

    A group set up to oppose the plans to frack in and around Gainsborough Lincs, the UK and beyond and to educate those who don’t necessarily understand the dangers this poses.

  • Leicestershire Against Onshore Drilling

    The groups aims remain the same, to resist against all ‘fracking‘ and unconventional drilling in Leicestershire but to also recognise that ALL onshore drilling is harmful to us, harmful to our environment and locks our planet into further climate and ecological crisis that we can no longer afford to take part in.

  • Frack Free Nottinghamshire

    We are opposed to exploration or extraction of unconventional hydrocarbons in Nottinghamshire. Visit the groups’s website for more details.

  • Bassetlaw Against Fracking

    We do not want Fracking or any other extreme gas extraction here in Bassetlaw or anywhere else. This group will work with other like-minded groups to stop any fracking in the area by peaceful means.

South West

South East

East Anglia


West Midlands


  • Frack Free Allerton Bywater & Surrounding Areas

    Anti-fracking group opposed to licenses PEDL 37 and 275 as well as fracking as a whole in the U.K. Regular Meeting: 2nd Wednesday of every month, 7pm at Edward VII Club, 65 Leeds Road, Allerton Bywater, WF10 2HE

  • Frack Free Ecclesfield And Chapeltown

    Frack Free Ecclesfield And Chapletown is a single issue community group set up in response to the threats posed by unconventional gas and oil extraction. FFE is non-party political and welcomes all members of our community in Ecclesfield and beyond. We oppose unconventional gas exploration and production, including high volume hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of rock. […]

  • Frack Free Strensall

    Frack Free Strensall is a group set up by local people to oppose the threat of fracking or any other type of unconventional gas extraction, primarily in the Strensall area. We will also share information and support our close neighbours in Haxby and Wiggington who are also at risk of fracking. Strensall is facing a […]

  • Woodsetts Against Fracking

    Woodsetts Against Fracking is for the residents of Woodsetts by the residents of Woodsetts! To support our legal and research fees, as well as produce the information materials that the village receives, we need to raise funds. In addition to the organised fundraising events, donations can be made directly to us. Cheques made payable to […]

  • Frack Free MaN (Malton and Norton)

    For those who are against #Fracking and other forms of unconventional gas exploitation in the Malton and Norton Area and across the Ryedale District. Trying to stop #fossilfuelfoolishness #JustSayNoFracking

  • Frack Free Rillington & Sherburn

    We are a group of people seriously concerned about Fracking and its consequences. We are here to protest and prevent fracking in and around the villages of Rillington & Sherbern, including Wintringham, Scampston, East & West Knapton, West Heslerton, East Heslerton, Yedingham, Ganton…… join us to keep our environment safe now and for future generations

  • Mosborough Against Fracking

    Anti-fracking group giving people the opportunity to stand up to and help deny the fracking polluters the right to change our climate, ruin and disfigure the land but most importantly change our lives for the worse, forever. Meet every 2nd Weds each month at Queens Hotel, Mosborough, S.Yorks.

  • Tickhill Against Fracking

    Citizens wanting a healthy and happy place to live, now and for generations.

  • Rotherham Against Fracking

    Rotherham Against Fracking is a single issue community group set up in response to the threats posed by unconventional gas and oil extraction. We are non-party political and welcome all members of our communities in the Rotherham Borough and beyond. We oppose unconventional gas exploration for and production of Shale Gas and Coal Bed Methane, […]

  • Frack Free Middleton and Bainton

    Frack Free Middleton and Bainton is concerned about extreme fossil fuels extraction, using unconventional methods including fracking, coal bed methane (CBM / CSG) and underground coal gasification. (UCG).

  • Haxby and Wigginton Against Fracking

    Haxby & Wigginton Against Fracking is a group set up to oppose the threat of fracking or any other type of unconventional gas extraction. We are facing the real threat of fracking in the area as we are within a Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (PEDL) area.  We have been told that exploratory drilling is […]

  • Frack Free Denaby Conisbrough and Mexborough

    Working as smaller local groups has brought success in the fight against fracking. It has meant that local people can really be the ones to stand up to protect their areas. One larger faceless organisation would give the government one group to attack and defame. It would enable the media to take it apart from […]

  • Frack Free Penistone & Stocksbridge

    We are a group of very concerned residents who wish to protect the Penistone & Stocksbridge area from the threat of Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking).  

  • Frack Free Middlesbrough

    We are a community group working great together to oppose hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’) in the Middlesbrough area and beyond.

  • Frack Free Filey & Villages

    This group aims to provide a place to saher and find out about fracking information and is locally based. Please feel free to add more local people from the surrounding area.

  • Frack Free Bridlington

    FFB is opposing extreme fossil fuels extraction, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking), coal bed methane and underground coal gasification.

  • FF Pocklington Area

    As a large group of concerned local residents we have got together and formed a new group for our area of the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds. Come along to our next meeting to help us fight gas field development around Pocklington and Market Weighton – check the Events page to see when it is.

  • Frack Free Doncaster

    The people of Doncaster want clean fresh water for the future of our region. We do not want millions of gallons of chemical waste left under our feet. Imagine not being able to use your water from your tap for drinking or even for making a cup of tea? Imagine not being able to use […]

  • Frack Free Pocklington

    This page is related to opposing extreme fossil fuels extraction, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking), coal bed methane and underground coal gasification.

  • Frack Free Hambleton

    The North Yorkshire national park covers 554 square miles it is a beautiful unique landscape. Many of us were born inside its boundaries and many of us will die within it. It is something that unites us Yorkshire folk. We stand against the gas giants who seek to ruin and pollute its beauty for profit. […]

  • Frack Free Dearne Valley

    Frack Free Dearne Valley campaign aims to bring together all those opposed to plans to allow fracking in our area. We want to prevent fracking in our area before it starts. We consider fracking to be extremely damaging to our environment and to the communities that it descends upon. Everyone who is concerned about the […]

  • No Fracking In Barnsley

    We are a growing group of Barnsley residents who love our area and have come together to campaign to keep the frackers away. We believe that the people of Barnsley deserve to be properly informed about fracking.

  • Frack Free Easingwold

    100sq Km from Easingwold to Kilburn, Ampleforth & Brandsby are under consultation for hydraulic fracturing aka Fracking. This group has been set up for all Local residents opposed to the plans.

  • Frack Free Wakefield

    The Whole of the Eastern Wakefield District has now been licensed for unconventional oil and gas exploration, commonly known as Fracking! We are a group who are very concerned about the amount of fracking planned for Wakefield and the surrounding area, we would welcome anybody who feels the same to join our group

  • Frack Free Kirby Misperton

    A group for all those who love Kirby Misperton and the nearby villages and want to protect them from fracking and other forms of unconventional gas exploitation. Villages include Great Habton, Brawby, Little Barugh, Great Barugh as well as Kirby Misperton.

  • Sheffield Against Fracking

    This group is created for information regarding the recent Fracking licence applications in the Sheffield region and its aims are to inform and engage the public against this threat, please join us in making a stand.

  • Frack Free Craven

    A group to bring together anyone who wishes to oppose fracking locally, nationally and globally. We can share news, events and campaigns, as well as helping our friends under more immediate threat to the East and West.

  • Frack Free Leeds

    We want to keep fracking out of Leeds and the wider area, as well as contribute to the message that we do not want fracking in the UK. Not here, not anywhere. If you would like to get involved with the fight, see the Frack Free Leeds facebook page for details of our next meeting […]

  • Frack Free Driffield and Wolds

    We are ordinary local residents. We live here. We like it. There are similar groups of people across the north of England in particular, but also elsewhere in the country. There are groups in America and Australia too – and they have valuable insights for us here in our quiet part of Yorkshire. The places […]

  • Frack Free Selby

  • Frack Aware Barnsley

    Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) is now threatening the UK, Rotherham already has a licence granted & Barnsley is under review… want to know more?

  • Frack Free Harrogate District

    We are a group of residents who will use all peaceful means possible to raise awareness, protest and protect against fracking or any other unconventional gas extraction in the Harrogate District and beyond.

  • Frack Free East Yorkshire

    A new coalition of groups in East Yorkshire united in opposition to extreme energy extraction. Together we can defeat this industry.

  • Frack Free Tadcaster

    This group has been set up to oppose the continued reliance on fossil fuel and potential Fracking in the local area.

  • Newbald Against Fracking

    N.A.F. Off!!

  • Ellerby Against Fracking

    A non-formalised, non-exclusive group of residents of Old and New Ellerby who meet every 4 weeks to monitor events relating to the work of Rathlin Energy in the Mid Holderness area. The meetings held by the group include many residents of nearby villages who are affected by work at the well site at Pipers Lane, […]

  • Walkington and Bishop Burton Action Group

    Safeguarding beautiful Yorkshire wold villages.

  • Frack Free Hebden Bridge

    Building the strongest resistance possible to FRACKING for Shale Gas in Hebden Bridge, Calderdale, the UK and the world.

  • Frack Free Ryedale

    Press and media enquiries: ffrcomms@gmail.com General enquiries: frackfreeryedale@gmail.com Frack Free Ryedale was set up in July 2014, after local residents attending two talks organised in local village halls by Frack Off. Since then our group has organised numerous talks, film shows and other events to spread the word about the dangers of fracking and has […]

  • Frack Free York & Villages

    Frack-Free York is a grassroots group, set up to raise awareness about and prevent new forms of gas extraction in our local community. We provide a channel for action and work together with local and national groups.  We hold regular action planning meetings – please email for more information and to join our mailing list.

  • Hull and East Yorkshire Against Fracking

    Please feel free to share any information that will help the process to stop fracking in our area for the future of us all and prevent the contamination of our land/nature/wildlife and drinking water.

  • Frack Free Hull and Holderness

    A collection of people that do not want our countryside, air, water, roads and property prices ruined & poisoned to make a load of Canadian guys rich.

  • Frack Free North Yorkshire

    Frack Free North Yorkshire is a community group opposed to hydraulic fracturing known as ‘fracking’ within the Ryedale area.

  • Frack Free Scarborough

    Say no to Fracking in and around Scarborough.

  • Frack Free South Yorkshire

    Frack Free South Yorkshire is a single issue community group set up in response to the threats posed by unconventional gas and oil extraction.

  • Keep your fracking hands off Calderdale!

    If Calderdale Council are serious in their efforts to increase the tourist industry in this area, they need to stop this devastation before it begins.

North West

North East

  • No Underground Coal Gasification North East

    NUNE – No Underground Coal Gasification North East, we a group of people concerned about the potential impacts of the experimental technology called Underground Coal Gasification, a process for exploiting coal that cannot be mined because the seams are too deep, thin or fractured. The process involves using the same sort of drilling technology usually […]

  • Frack Free Hartlepool

    We are a group of people that believe in the power of voice of the people. The licenses that have been sold to Five-Quarter energy for Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) along our coast line, have been sold with no public consultation. This process is untested and posses significant risk to the health and future of […]

  • Seaham action group (ACG)

    Fighting against Fracking and Underground Coal Gasification on our coastline.

  • Frack Free Stockton

    A local group to raise awareness of and fight against all extreme energy in the area, in conjunction with Frack Free Cleveland.

  • Frack Free Tyne and Wear

    Frack Free Tyne and Wear is a group of concerned residents who have come together to campaign against extreme energy exploitation in the North-East. We are part of a regional, national and international network of similar groups.

  • Frack Free Cleveland

    A group to raise awareness of and fight against all extreme energy in the Cleveland area which includes the North York Moors and Teesside, working alongside other groups in the North East to save our countryside, health, water, wildlife and planet.

  • North East Extreme Energy Awareness Group

    The group purpose is to raise awareness of which methods the energy industry intends using in the North East, the dangers involved, how it will affect our area, and the risks it poses to our environment and it inhabitants.