Our Forth – Musselburgh (Scotland)


Our Forth – Musselburgh is a non partisan community group based in and around “The Honest Toun” in East Lothian which is concerned about the impact of “Extreme Energy” industry on The Firth of Forth estuary, Forth Midland Valley, the Central Belt of Scotland and areas beyond. We care about the implications for our communities health and well being, our physical and natural environments and especially our land, soil, sea, air, food and water quality.


* Provide a Local Forum for debate and discussion
* Inform, educate and raise awareness in a respectful and tolerant manner
* Stimulate our communities collective spirit with sensitive thought and creativity
* Promote and encourage social inclusion and active participation in civic society


* Promote positive community spirit and vision
* Express concern about extreme energy and fossil fuels
* Maintain constructive dialogue on sensible alternatives for quality of life
* Organise meetings and events to further the groups purpose
* Lobby and campaign against UGE/UCG
* Campaign and Lobby in favour of Renewable Energy and Sustainable ecology
* Become a proponent of circular economy
* Act coherently and consistently with other groups and individuals in a spirit of cooperation, solidarity and trust
* Network, represent and link with the Broad Alliance of Concerned Communities