Frack Free Tinker Lane (East Midlands)


We are hoping to attract local people who live in the vicinity of Tinker Lane to join together to fight plans to FRACK at “Tinker Lane”. We are campaigning to raise awareness and coordinate a response to Dart Energy (IGas) who have made a planning application to Nottinghamshire County Council to undertake exploratory drilling on a site between Barnby Moor and Blyth in the Parish of Torworth.

Dart Energy refer to the site in their planning application as Tinker Lane 1. Dart Energy will, if they find accessible hydrocarbons in the exploratory phase want to drill further at Tinker Lane, possibly with horizontal drilling and fracking. The well site at Tinker Lane is sizeable and 10 well-heads or more can be accommodated on the 2.2 hectare site.

We believe that Tinker Lane and IGas’s other site of interest, Springs Road, Misson Springs are the first of a what will be a flood of applications and that if left unchecked a significant area of Bassetlaw will be blighted with fracking wells. It is time to take a stand against the Frackers and deny them the opportunity to establish footholds at Tinker Lane and Springs Road.

By standing together in opposition we can make a difference and put an end to this madness.