Fracking Impacts - Wildlife

Fracking requires thousands of miles of pipelines, roads, drilling pads and related infrastructure which is fragmenting ecosystems, while pollution and waste also pose a severe threat to wildlife. Continue reading

Pronghorn Antelope In The Upper Green River Basin, Wyoming Which Are Threatened By Thousands Of Fracking Sites Fragmenting Their Habitat (Click To Enlarge)

Study: Fracking Waste Poses Severe Threat To Wildlife (MintPress News, September 2013) According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, fracking water “killed virtually all aquatic wildlife” at the site of one spill

Northeast drilling boom threatens forest wildlife (Associated Press, April 2013) Thousands of miles of new pipelines and related infrastructure are fragmenting ecosystems and threatening to wildlife in Pennsylvania

U.S. Geological Survey: Natural Gas Fracking Is Destroying Pennsylvania Forests (Natural Gas Watch, October 2012) Natural gas drilling activity is destroying thousands of acres of forest in Pennsylvania, with habitat fragmentation by roads, drilling pads, pipelines and other infrastructure development associated with fracking, according to a U.S. Geological Survey report

Fracking Away the Wildlife (Pacific Standard, August 2012) Gas fields in western Wyoming are fracturing of the habitat of the American pronghorn antelope, as thousands of fracking sites interfere with the pronghorn’s migration routes, forcing them to abandon up to 82 percent of their highest quality winter range

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