Fracking Impacts - Agriculture and Animal Health

Fracking is threatening to compromise food supplies with animals and crops dying in Alberta, North Dakota, New Mexico, California and Pennsylvania as a result of exposure to chemicals from drilling operations. Continue reading

Cows Tails Fell Off, Many Got Sick And 5 Died After 32 Wells Were Drilled Near A Ranch In The Bakken Shale, North Dakota (Click To Enlarge)

Home, Fracked Home: Lost Hair and Dead Cows (The Tyee, October 2013) Six cows wasted away and died, while four others were euthanized, on a cattle ranch in Alberta after a water well was contaminated with high levels of chlorides following the fracking of 70 tight (or shale) oil wells in the region

Fracking Our Food Supply (Nation, November 2012) Five cows dropped dead (with more getting sick and their tails falling off), in addition to several cats and two dogs, after fracking began on thirty-two Bakken Shale oil wells within three miles of a ranch in North Dakota

Study suggests hydrofracking is killing farm animals, pets (Cornell University, March 2012) A new report has found dozens of cases of illness, death and reproductive issues in cows, horses, goats, llamas, chickens, dogs, cats, fish which could be the result of exposure to gas drilling operations

An Inside Look at What Happens When Gas Drillers Are Exempt from Environmental Law (Alternet, May 2011) Cattle ranchers in the San Juan Basin of northern New Mexico, where coal bed methane development (CBM) has seen 23,000 wells and 3,000 compressor stations constructed, are being forced off the land as their cattle are poisoned with chemicals like methanol and ethylene glycol

Oil and Water Don’t Mix with California Agriculture (High Country News, December 2010) Oil industry produced water leaking from evaporation ponds contaminated groundwater with chloride and boron, along with detectable radiation, and killed almond trees in California’s Central Valley

Fracking With Food: How the Natural Gas Industry Poisons Cows and Crops (Alternet, July 2010) 28 cows quarantined at a farm in Shippen Township, Pennsylvania after a leak from a 650,000-gallon fracking disposal pit exposed them to water containing the heavy metal strontium

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