Balcombe Great Gas Gala – Day 3 In Pictures

Fracking company Cuadrilla Resources are trying to start drilling in Balcombe, West Sussex and the community is trying to stop them. Over 250 people stopped 15 trucks bring on equipment on Day 1 (Thurs).

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See Fracking In Balcombe: A Community Says No for background to issues involved. Scroll down for photos.

Scroll down for photos.

Update (4:30pm): Community blockade now has a pool table. Relaxed atmosphere now Caudrilla have been stopped for rest of the day. Join us!

Update (3:10pm): Community blockade still growing with about 200 people. Police have announced that because of community concerns there will be no more deliveries today! Seems like Cuadrilla have been breaking conditions of their planning permission with the vehicle delivery times. Don’t hold your breath for anyone to be arrested and tortured over that though.

Update (1:40pm): About 100 people at the community blockade. Large numbers of police in wedge formations being used to try to push fracking trucks through community resistance. Police helicopter overhead.

Update (1:20pm): West Sussex County Council Highways called to patch up road damage caused by the few trucks that have already made it onto site.

Update (1:00pm): Large numbers of police being used to force through Cuadrilla’s fracking trucks against will of community. Come lend your support if you can!

Update (12:40pm): Police trying to get another truck through. The community is resisting. Come support them if you can!

Update (12:00pm): Second arrest of the day! Do come down and support the community if you can!

Update (11:55am): Another truck is being stopped by the community blockade

Update (11:15am): Numbers building at the camp and the weather is good. Do come down and join if you can!

Update (10:00am): Reinforcements arrive on the bus from Brighton but more needed. Come on down!

Update (9:45am): One Sussex resident arrested after sitting in front of truck.

Update (9:35am): Road closed and police trying to escort truck through community blockade. Get down to help if you can!

Update (8:55am): Police numbers increasing. Get down to help if you can!

Update (8:45am): Truck turned away from fracking site! Come down and join the blockade!

Update (8:00am): Sussex residents blocking site entrance again! Come down if you can!

Update (7:30am): Camp still going strong. Come on down!

Community Blockade At Balcombe Now Has A Pool Table


Community Blockade At Balcombe Still Growing


Council Workers Patch Road Damage After Just a Few Fracking Trucks Have Gone In


Large Numbers Of Police Being Used Force Fracking Trucks Through Community Resistance

Police Guard Truck Load Of Fracking Chemicals

Police Try To Escort Another Truck Through The Community Blockade


Police Try To Escort Another Truck Through The Community Blockade


Another Truck Blocked At Site Entrance


Numbers Building At The Camp And Weather Is Good


Kitchen At The Community Blockade In Balcombe


Toxic Cuadrilla Scarecrow At The Community Blockade


Bus Load Of People From Brighton Arrive To Help Their Neighbours


Police Attempt To Escort Truck Through Community Blockade


Five Police Vans Arrive At Fracking Site


Attempts To Halt Deliveries To Fracking Site Continuing

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