Knitting Nannas take on the unconventional gas industry

nannasLove your Nannas? The Knitting Nannas against Gas have emerged as a brilliantly creative force against the unconventional gas industry. Now with their very own UK Chapter (based in Balcombe), Australian Nannas make their voices heard by knitting gracefully outside protest sites, at court appearances of those arrested – even at the offices of local politicians (it drives elected representatives crazy).

Watch this excellent new video on the Australian Nannas here –

UK Nannas are a regular feature of the Balcombe Community Protection camp; said one recently: “Our soft drives are what make us hard women”

Support your Nannas! Give their Facebook page the big thumbs up here –

Or come and pay our UK Nannas a visit:

“Since being a knitting Nanna I’ve had more hugs from young men than I have in the last 30 years!”

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