When The Vale Says ‘No’, They Mean No.

Good news in Wales last night, as the Vale of Glamorgan council deferred on a planning application for a test well, after 50 protesters rallied outside the meeting. The campaign there ‘The Vale says No’ have been putting a load of pressure on the council – and it seems to be doing the trick… for now at least.

Obviously, the battle hasn’t been won – nowhere near – but it’s great to see that the blind acceptance of Fracking does not have to be a given. And it serves as a nice reminder of how important it is to have groups putting pressure on all over the country. Gotsta keep on building this movement, and thinking of more innovative and exciting tactics! (And if you want to get your own group together, there’s loads of advice on how to do so on the blogpost below! *I’m Pissed Off etc*)

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