This Tuesday Tell the Industry to Frack Off!


This Monday and Tuesday, industry experts will be holding a conference in London to discuss new shale gas projects and market (wretch) opportunities. 

The conference is called Unconventional Gas, Global Opportunities and will be held at the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury.

This event is screaming out for some counter-propaganda. The green-wash that will be spewing from the Holiday Inn has the potential to contaminate anyone in the Central London area. In light of the recent announcement by Cuadrilla, one can imagine that there will be lots of discussion about the new “shale gas rush” in Lancashire. 

So on Tuesday morning, we’re going to tell the industry to frack off. Join us. We’ll be handing out leaflets and stickers and talking to conference members. 

We’ll be meeting outside The Marquis Cornwallis at 8:30am.  If you plan to attend, please print off a few of the attached leaflets.  We’ll keep it short and sweet so if you’ve got other commitments don’t fret. Make a pre-work appearance.

This is just the first of many interventions. And we’re letting them off easy this time. Let’s get things off to a strong start. 

See you Tuesday!

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