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New Lancashire Threat: Cuadrilla`s Fracking Plans

  • Cuadrilla submits new planning application
  • Large pad with 4 horizontal shale gas wells
  • Plan to be drilled and fracked over 2 years
  • Second site nearby, application public soon
  • Plans tailored to hide impacts at this stage
  • Trying to advance project without opposition
  • But application reveals many lurking issues
  • Would become critical at production stage
  • One site takes 7% of region’s spare water
  • Full scale fracking would overwhelm system
  • Threat to water supply of 6.6 million people
  • Site would use 65% of fracking waste capacity
  • Vast new frac waste disposal system needed
  • Most waste not treatable, would accumulate
  • Site requires over 20,000 vehicle movements
  • Production needs water/waste storage ponds
  • Wake up call for communities to get organised

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