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Springs Road


Update – Planning application for a further three years refused and IGas ordered to restore site.

Update June 2019 – Drilling Is Now Complete

IGas Energy, after submitting a scoping request in January 2015, have now secured planning permission to construct a shale gas exploration site and drill up to two wells, including one horizontal well. An application for the construction of monitoring boreholes has been approved and contractor Dril Corp has moved equipment onto the site.

The proposed site is off Springs Road in Misson, inside the old MOD rocket site (now Jacksons arms dealers). In July IGas submitted an application to drill 12 groundwater monitoring boreholes in the area. In October Nottinghamshire County Council have delayed making a decision on the application until at least the 17th November. See here for more details.

Oil giant Total has a 40 percent stake in IGas’s licence block covering the area, PEDL 140. The area is in the Gainsborough Trough, a geological formation where the Bowland Shale is thought to contain gas that could potentially be extract. However, this would require coating the area in thousands of fracking wells.

Planning Applications

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Licensee Planning ID Notes Submitted Decision Status Consultation
IGas EnergySprings RoadScoping request as part of possible plans to undertake shale gas development in the county29/01/201529/01/2015ExpiredClosed
IGas EnergyF/3321Installation of Groundwater Monitoring Boreholes in four separate locations and siting of mobile staff welfare facilities16/07/201508/12/2015GrantedClosed
IGas EnergyES/3379To develop a hydrocarbon wellsite and drill up to two exploratory hydrocarbon wells (one vertically and one horizontally) by use of a drilling rig together with associated ancillary works. The proposed development will be carried out in four phases: Phase 1 - Wellsite construction; Phase 2 - Drilling of up to two exploratory wells for hydrocarbons including potential shale gas (the first one vertical and the second one horizontal); Phase 3 - Suspension of wells and assessment of drilling results; Phase 4 - Site decommissioning, well abandonment and restoration.15/10/201515/11/2016GrantedClosed

Environmental Permits

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Licensee Permit ID Notes Comments open Comments deadline Status Consultation
IGas EnergyEA/EPR/DB3400TG/A001Island Gas Ltd. (‘IGas’) has commissioned AECOM to prepare an application to obtain a new bespoke environmental permit for a mining waste operation located at Springs Road, Misson, in Nottinghamshire.12/01/201607/06/2016GrantedClosed