Lidsey Well Site (South East)


Existing conventional oil production site, operated by Angus Energy which also operates the previously drilled site at Brockham in Surrey. Now being used to explore for unconventional tight/shale oil, specifically targeting the Kimmeridge Clay shale formation and tight limestone layers embedded within it.

In September 2017 Angus drilled the Lidsey-X2 horizontal production well, with the conventional Great Oolite reservoir as its primary target, but the well also passed through the Kimmeridge Clay shale formation allowing data to be gathered to facilitate future exploitation of tight/shale oil. The Kimmeridge Clay shale layer is the main unconventional oil formation in the Weald Basin and was previously targeted by the Balcombe and Horse Hill wells.

These developments are part of a plan to frack the Weald, coating a large part of Sussex and Surrey, in thousands of wells at typical densities of 4-8 wells per square mile. The companies presently involved do not have the billions needed for this however, and are currently involved in gathering data to facilitate such investment. If this creeping drilling and testing is not vigorously resisted the consequences for communities across Sussex and Surrey will be dire.

Planning Applications

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Licensee Planning ID Notes Submitted Decision Status Consultation
Angus EnergyBN/31/05Development and operation of a three wellhead and beam pump oil production facility plus ancillary works at the Lidsey Oil Exploration Site at Lidsey, Near Bognor Regis.07/10/200517/02/2006GrantedClosed

Environmental Permits

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