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Kirby Misperton 1 Wellsite (East)


Update July 2019 – This site has been sold to York Energy/Alpha Energy. Read more…

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A subsidiary of Third Energy, Viking UK Gas Ltd, submitted a planning application in October 2012 to drill two new wells adjacent to their existing site at Kirby Misperton, near Pickering. This is part of a long-standing Ryedale conventional gas field, which has been in operation for more than a decade. The second well – referred to as Kirby Misperton Deep (KM8) – was drilled to a depth of about 9,000 ft and targeted the Bowland Shale that runs under the whole of the north of England. David Robottom, Third Energy’s chief financial officer has stated that if the test results at Kirby Misperton were encouraging, they would plan four more shale gas exploratory wells  “as soon as possible”.  Third Energy has stated that it will apply to frack for shale gas at Kirby Misperton and may use Halliburton as a service provider. Read more…

Cuadrillas HH220 drilling Kirby Misperton Deep in 2013

Cuadrillas HH220 drilling Kirby Misperton Deep in 2013

Kirby Misperton 1 Wellsite (East), Alma Farm, Habton Road, Kirby Misperton, Malton

Planning Applications

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Licensee Planning ID Notes Submitted Decision Status Consultation
Third EnergyNY/2012/0338/FULThe construction of an extension to an existing wellsite (Kirby Misperton 1), drill and test up to two (2) production boreholes followed by subsequent production of gas10/02/201202/03/2012GrantedClosed
Third EnergyNY/2015/0069/FULErection of a 2.7 m high security fence, access gates and two pedestrian emergency access gates24/02/201513/05/2015GrantedClosed
Third EnergyNY/2015/0116/FULInstallation of up to five (5) water monitoring boreholes comprising three shallow boreholes (approximately 10 metres in depth) within the KM8 Wellsite, one intermediate borehole (approximately 50 metres in depth) and one deep borehole (approximately 220 metres in depth) within the adjoining KM1 Wellsite13/04/201501/09/2015GrantedClosed
Third EnergyNY/2015/0233/ENVTo hydraulically stimulate and test the various geological formations previously identified during the 2013 KM8 drilling operation, followed by the production of gas from one or more of these formations into the existing production facilities, followed by wellsite restoration. Plant and machinery to be used includes a workover rig (maximum height 37m) hydraulic fracture equipment, coil tubing unit, wireline unit, well testing equipment, high pressure flowline, temporary flowline pipe supports, permanent high pressure flowline and permanent pipe supports.29/07/201520/05/2016GrantedClosed

Environmental Permits

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Licensee Permit ID Notes Comments open Comments deadline Status Consultation
Third EnergyEPR/KB3098DE/A001Radioactive Substances Activity – accumulate radioactive waste and dispose of radioactive waste10/06/201507/08/2015GrantedClosed
Third EnergyEPR/DB3002HE/A001Permit for the management of extractive mining waste and a groundwater activity relating to onshore oil and gas operations10/06/201507/08/2015GrantedClosed
Third EnergyFracking ConsultationThird Energy UK Gas Ltd has applied to the Environment Agency for permits that would allow them to carry out hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking) of an existing well to explore for and produce shale gas at their Kirby Misperton wellsite in North Yorkshire.30/11/201511/07/2016GrantedClosed