Frack Off (London) put pressure on in the big city

So. Today our friends from Cuadrilla had a meeting with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). They were there to present the results of their ‘earthquake study’ into their geomechanical operations, and report on how they plan to minimise the possibility of earthquakes.   Note, by the way, that I call it ‘their’ earthquake study, because (surprise surprise), this was not an independent review, but a nice bit of self-assessment. Think bad doctor reporting on his own misconduct. Not very thorough. Or transparent. Or convincing.

Unfortunately, its pretty likely that after Cuadrilla’s claims to have discovered reserves of 200tn cubic ft of shale gas, DECC is going to be slightly blinkered by the potential profit. Earthquakes? What earthquakes? Bring in the cash.

Of course – even if Cuadrilla was able to ‘minimise the possibility of earthquakes,’ (which, let’s face it, is dubious) there are so many problems with fracking, that the issue is just not going to vanish. I won’t list them all (water contamination, health problems, environmental degradation…) but suffice to say earthquakes or not, this fracking business still aint pretty.

Cue Frack Off (London), who, early this morning rallied outside DECC to protest against this fishy affair. Some, dressed as Cuadrilla representatives, and armed with  bottles of nasty looking ‘fracked water,’ tried to convince the rest that Fracking is safe. Others, wielding a massive ‘Frack Off’ banner, chanted some of the old faves (‘Cuadrilla, Mark Miller, Toxic Water Spiller’) and generally made a lot of noise. Good job guys. Keep at it!

photo (c) Guido Mencari

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