Anti-fracking activists storm Cuadrilla rig for second time in a month

Anti-fracking activists occupy Cuadrilla’s drilling rig in Banks, Lancashire

Activists have settled in for a long-term occupation of Cuadrilla’s drilling rig in Hesketh Banks, Lancashire for the second time in a month. The controversial proposed fracking site was shut down This morning as 8 Bristol cyclists stormed the drilling rig. Three of the climate justice campaigners from Bristol Rising Tide scaled the rig with supplies and have declared their intention to stop work for several days in protest against exploratory wells that have been given the go ahead by councils in the south west of England.

Paul Williams, who works in a Bristol Library, was among the protestors. He commented:

“People simply aren’t going to stand by and let this crazy extreme sneak into our landscape. We’ve been inspired by the remarkable work of our neighbours in Wales. Glamorgan county council recently voted unanimously against an application to Frack the area. This decision was influenced by Welsh Water’s submission that reserve groundwater sites are at risk of contamination. We can stop this before it starts if we act now. If you want earthquakes, runaway climate change, contaminated water, and a threat to agricultural production then Fracking’s the way forward. If you want energy security and more jobs per kilowatt hour, go with renewables. It’s a no brainer.”

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