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Fracking Scotland: Shale Report Signals Third Threat

  • New BGS shale oil and gas report released
  • Focused on Midland Valley in central Scotland
  • Outlines third fracking threat to the region
  • On top of the coal based threats: CBM/UCG
  • Suggests around 14 months of shale gas
  • As well as around 5 months of shale oil
  • Combined with 5 months Coal Bed Methane
  • Extraction would require over 7,000 wells
  • Stretches from Glasgow through Edinburgh
  • Underground Coal Gasification also a threat
  • 5 UCG licences already sold in Firth of Forth
  • More than 1 billion tons of coal targeted
  • Extraction would require over 4,000 wells
  • Is third BGS report in run up to licensing round
  • Where 60% of UK could be sold to the frackers
  • Across UK report threaten over 50,000 wells
  • Communities getting organised to resist threat

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