Kiln Lane Wellsite Land At Mauxhall Farm Immingham Road Stallingborough North East Lincolnshire


Europa Oil & Gas are exploring for shale by stealth. The fracking company are drilling past their conventional target to 2500 metres to get a shale core-sample. This will give them and the rest of the fracking industry invaluable data about the shale prospects in this region. This type of development is as dangerous as out and out shale exploration wells as it provides exactly the same data about the geology and the local resistance.

Europa Oil & Gas and Egdon reveal Kiln Lane well was NOT SUCCESSFUL!!!

“In addition to evaluating a conventional oil and gas prospect, the Kiln Lane well will also serve as an important stratigraphic test, providing new information on all aspects of the petroleum system in the South Humber basin, including trap, reservoir and source rocks. Should the Kiln Lane well prove the existence of what would be a new and previously undrilled source rock sequence, then this will provide a valuable insight into both the conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon potential of the licence. The presence of source rocks does not automatically equate to a shale gas play, but it is a good start. In the event the shale gas prospectivity is real then we have a strong acreage position and we would evaluate the potential using a drillsite and well that have been specifically planned, constructed and permitted for shale gas. As stated previously we may seek to do so alongside an appropriate partner.”

Excerpt from CEO Hugh Mackay, Europa Oil & Gas Newsletter

Drill rig alongside the A180 at Kiln Lane, DN41 8BP

Kiln Lane Wellsite, Land At Mauxhall Farm, Off Stallingborough Road, Immingham, Lincolnshire, DN41 8BQ

Planning Applications

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Licensee Planning ID Notes Submitted Decision Status Consultation
Europa Oil And Gas Ltd DM/0770/14/CM Temporary permission for the construction of a new access track, temporary wellsite and clean enclosed burner pit, with associated portable cabins for the storage of equipment and for staff office accommodation, the drilling of an exploratory bore hole for oil, undertaking of production tests and retaining the site and wellhead valve assembly gear for evaluation.17/07/201412/08/2014GrantedClosed

Environmental Permits

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Licensee Permit ID Notes Comments open Comments deadline Status Consultation
Europa Oil And Gas LtdEPR/CB3006ML/A001Environmental Permit for the management of extractive mining waste.02/09/201429/09/2014GrantedClosed
Europa Oil And Gas LtdEPR/ZB3095DP/A001Environmental Permit for a radioactive substances activity – Accumulate radioactive waste and dispose of radioactive waste.02/09/201429/09/2014Pre-planningClosed