Groundwater Monitoring Flyers – 4 x A6 Flyers

Groundwater monitoring is a PR exercise invented by fracking companies to dispel concerns about water pollution and try to gain social acceptance for fracking in the UK. If the industry is allowed to go into production costs will inevitably be cut and monitoring will not be a priority. The only way to ensure that there is no damage to water resources is to stop drilling and fracking in your area.

Use these flyers for raising awareness about Groundwater Monitoring (Black & White or Colour). They are designed to be printed 4 up, double sided, on A4 paper. If you would like an editable version or a different size please get in touch:

Groundwater Monitoring Flyer 2016

Download Groundwater Monitoring Flyer 2016C (PDF)
Download Groundwater Monitoring Flyer 2016BW (PDF)
Download GroundwaterMonitoring2016A (JPEG)

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