Naked Activists Expose the Bare Faced Cheek of Aviation Biofuels

Nice bit of Direct Action yesterday, as Plane Stupid Activists stripped naked in Birmingham airport to disrupt the first flight to be powered by biofuels in the UK. Inspiring stuff. Great to see people highlighting the aviation industry’s blatant greenwashing by putting their bodies (quite literally) in the way.
In July 2011, commercial airlines received  permission to use 50% biofuels made from specially refined vegetable oils as well as other plant oils and animal fat in their engines. Although many such airlines claim that biofuels provides a greener future for aviation, do not be deceived; they’re pretty evil,  and can cause more problems than the fossil fuels they replace. In fact, reports indicate that most actually contribute more to climate change than normal jet fuel (and that’s saying something!) They take up land used for growing food-crops  (taking food away from the world’s poorest), cause land grabs, deforestation, biodiversity loss and human rights abuses. 




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