Latest News From Community Blockade At Daneshill, Nottinghamshire

Day 1 (Thur 27th March)

Gate At Entrance To Site (Click To Enlarge)

A protector has locked to the top of the gate to the Daneshill site. Two more are on top of a generator stopped in the road. Only a few loads managed to accessed the site very early this morning. A few local police and some police liaison officers have arrived.

Drill rig stopped on the other side of the level crossing. Network rail staff going crazy as they were not told about vehicle movement.

See Map below if you want to get involved.

Day 0 (Wed 26th March) Activity Starts On Site

Drillmec HH102 Rig Trailer Similar To The One Being Used By Dart Energy (Click To Enlarge)

The rig which Dart Energy are renting from PR Marriot Drilling has left their fracking site at Farndon, Cheshire and is presumably on its way to the next site at Daneshill, Sutton cum Lound near Retford in North Nottinghamshire (see photo of similar packed down rig on left). The community there is in need of support now. A camp has been set up outside the site. See Dart Frack Attack: New Midlands Multi-Well Program for more information about Dart’s drilling program in the Midlands. Groups involved in resisting Dart’s plans include Bassetlaw Against Fracking (Facebook), Frack Free Nottinghamshire (Facebook) and Frack Free South Yorkshire. The fracking site in plantations south of Daneshill Road, Sutton cum Lound, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 8RB (see map below). The nearest station is Retford.

Kitchen At The Camp At The Daneshill Fracking Site In Nottinghamshire (Click To Enlarge)

Large Cranes And Other Equipment Massing On The Daneshill Site In North Nottinghamshire Today (Click To Enlarge)

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