Frack Free Yeovil General Meeting (This event has passed)

Agenda (subject to changes)

1. Attendees, absentees and newbies – MV

2. Actions of last meeting – Facilitator

3. Finance update – AF
a. Account balance

4. FFY Events 2018 – KS/MV
a. FFY Yule/Xmas Bingo, Birchfield Community Centre, Sat 24 November, 7.00pm-10.00pm
b. FFY Fundraising Solstice Social, Sat 15 December, Marston Magna, (Time TBC)
c. FFY Training (TBC)
d. FFY to PNR (TBC)
e. FFY & co fundraiser gig, venue and date (TBC, early 2019)

5. Other Anti-fracking events –

6. Any Other Business

Arrangements for next meetings