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PR Marriott Drilling Yard (East Midlands)

The yard operated by PR Marriott Drilling, the largest onshore deep drilling company based in the UK, stores numerous drilling and workover rigs, and associated equipment. Marriott have extremely close links to Cuadrilla Resources, and stores Cuadrilla’s drilling and hydraulic fracturing equipment at its yard in Danesmoor, Derbyshire. Major equipment includes Cuadrilla’s drilling rig (designated PR Marriott Rig-50), Cuadrilla’s workover rig and hydraulic fracturing pump set. As of June 2017 the yard is also being used by Ineos as a based for the seismic survey it is trying to conduct in the East Midlands. As of July 2017 attempts are being made to take some equipment off the site to Cuadrilla’s flagship fracking site at Preston New Road in Lancashire. Communities from Lancashire to Nottinghamshire have rallied around and a rolling blockade (including a camp), has been setup outside the yard.

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