Land South Of Grange Road


Update Sept 2016 – Cuadrilla have successfully appealed the planning decision on this site. Further work on the site will depend upon the outcome of applications for Preston New Road & Roseacre Wood. The decision is now in the hands of the Secretary of State and could be announced at any time!


Cuadrilla withdrew their application to frack at this site in November 2014 but applied to “retain the existing site compound and access track, install seismic and pressure monitors within the existing well and undertake seismic and pressure monitoring”. This application LCC/2014/0084 dates back to the 19th May 2014 and it’s consideration had been delayed considerably.

The well at Grange Road was originally drilled in 2011. Planning permission was granted in 2010 for 18 months after which the site should have been restored. The Council did not take any action to enforce the restoration conditions so Cuadrilla ignored them (a standard industry tactic) and left the well in a suspended state for the last 4 years. Read more…

Planning Applications

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Licensee Planning ID Notes Submitted Decision Status Consultation
Cuadrilla Resources05/10/0091Temporary Change Of Use From Agriculture To Site For Drilling An Exploratory Borehole And Testing For Hydrocarbons Including Construction Of A Drilling Platform And Highways Access Point02/05/201023/05/2010ExpiredClosed
Cuadrilla Resources05/12/0003Variation Of Condition 2 Of Permission 05/10/0091 To Extend The Period Of Time For The Completion And Testing (Fracking) In The Drilled Exploratory Borehole And Restoration Of The Site By 20Th May 201420/12/201110/01/2012WithdrawnClosed
Cuadrilla ResourcesLCC/2014/0084Permission is sought for a three year period to retain the existing site compound and access track, install seismic and pressure monitors within the existing well; undertake seismic and pressure monitoring; plugging and abandonment of the existing exploratory well and restoration of the site.23/05/201423/02/2016GrantedClosed

Environmental Permits

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