Fracking UK: Threatened Areas


The 14th Onshore Licence round is under way with up to 60% of the UK available to Fracking companies. (click to enlarge)

The Tipping Point

We have just enough time to stop Fracking taking hold in the UK. The industry here is in its infancy and is trying to gain social acceptance. Fracking companies are still exploring, drilling small numbers of wells to gather data about the geology and local communities attitudes.

Who will be affected?

Commercial production would require the whole-sale industrialisation of the British countryside, rural and sub-urban areas. This is not a localised threat. Unlike a power-station or an open-cast mine, fracking can not be in one area or one location. The licence areas are large because Fracking companies need to drill and frack everywhere that there are shale deposits. This means drilling & fracking 8 or more wells per square mile across every square mile of every licence area.

The scale of unconventional gas development means that huge numbers of people are threatened by the prospect of drilling and industrialisation in their communities. There will be huge numbers of people that need to be informed about the threat and engaged to get organised and active to resist.

Rural communities will be the first to be affected. Our locations map shows planning permission is being granted for test drilling and fracking sites in dozens of locations across the UK… and this is just the beginning. Applications are coming thick and fast, there may be locations that aren’t on our radar – if you have any information please get in touch.

It’s not in the interests of the drilling companies or local councils to be open, truthful or transparent. They know residents will be concerned. Don’t trust anyone to put your interests first. Informing and organising in your community is the best defence against this industry.

Our Strength lies in Communities and People!

We need to fight this battle on our terms and play to our strengths. What we have, that the frackers don’t is people power! Communities everywhere are successfully defending themselves from this threat and you and your community can be part of it by getting informed and getting organised. If you would like to put on a public meeting or develop a campaign group in your area we would be happy to help in any way we can, just yell.

If you want to take the next step please use the form below to contact us for advice and support.