Frack Free Notts November Action-Planning Meeting (This event has passed)

In Notts, two exploratory shale gas applications (IGas) at Misson and Tinker Lane (Blyth) have been approved. The main drilling rig is being brought onto the Tinker Lane site. Protectors are needed desperately. IGas have implemented an injunction against anti-fracking protectors and locals are desperate to fight it.

INEOS have finished their seismic surveying around the Warsop area, and we wait with baited breath what happens next…
INEOS are threatening the National Trust whilst also implementing an injunction against anti-fracking protectors.

The Government are looking to fast-track fracking and make exploratory drilling permitted development (no planning application needed).

Fracking has recommenced in Lancashire and has caused over 30 earth tremors since it began.

Whatever political badge you wear, NOW is the time to get involved in the fight against fracking. Join this meeting to discuss actions we can take in our campaign.