Hydracrat lists its principal activity as ‘test drilling and boring’. The company currently works extensively in renewables and mineral exploration but envisages opportunities for groundwater monitoring if shale gas exploration were to get the go-ahead in Scotland.

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The drilling of monitoring boreholes is a precursor to fracking development. The drilling of monitoring boreholes themselves has the potential to disrupt aquifers and damage water quality. Data from the boreholes is gathered by fracking companies or bodies funded by the fracking industry. The frequency and type of monitoring is controlled by these vested interests and may not be made public.

If baseline water quality is established, damage to water resources caused by fracking activity may be detected but any damage is likely to be irreparable. The only way to ensure that there is no damage to water resources is for there to be no drilling or fracking in an area. Monitoring is just one step closer to fracking.