Upton Community Fracking Blockade (North West)


UPDATE 12 Jan 2016 – Camp Evicted >Details<

IGas Energy obtained a possession order for the site from a court in Manchester on 6th Nov. The order was delayed for 4 weeks and becomes active on 4th Dec. The camp is facing imminent eviction and needs of your support and solidarity. The community at Upton (Chester) is standing in the way of IGas’s fracking plans, which could lead to thousands for wells being drilled across Cheshire, and the rest of the UK, if not stopped. See the calender for upcoming Upton events. For updates from the site see the Latest News feed.

The Upton camp (near Chester) is the longest running anti-fracking camp in the UK, since April 2104. It occupies land on Duttons Lane where energy company IGas Energy has all planning permissions in place to drill an exploratory unconventional gas well to sample both the coal bed and the much deeper Bowland shale. The vast majority of the local community and the camp residents are strongly opposed to the drilling and have vowed to continue their fight despite the court ruling. A survey has shown 85% of the residents within 2km of the drill site do not want fracking in Upton.

Fracking company IGas are desperate to get drilling as their planning permission for the site runs out in May 2015. The camp has been on a site licensed to fracking companies Dart Energy and IGas for well over a year. It’s presence has defended the community from becoming a regional foothold for the industry. Right now the community needs all the help and support they can get, expect numerous events and calls for action in the coming weeks. Now is the time to stand up and be counted if you do not want our region turned into gas field.

Dart Energy (now IGas) have obtained the planning permission and mining waste permit necessary to drill a coal bed methane (CBM) exploration well on a site off Duttons Lane in Upton on the outskirts of Chester, Cheshire. The local community is organising to stop them and a camp has been set up on the site where Dart has planning permission to construct the frack pad. See Dart Frack Attack: New Midlands Multi-Well Program for more information about Dart’s drilling program in the Midlands. The site is on the west side of Duttons lane north of Upton Grange (see map above).

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Planning Applications

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Licensee Location Type Stage Activity Planning ID Submitted Decision Status Consultation
IGas EnergyLand At Duttons LaneCBM (Granted)ExplorationNone10/11167/MIN23/04/201012/07/2010ExpiredClosed
IGas EnergyLand At Duttons LaneCBM (Granted)ExplorationNone13/01123/EXT14/03/201328/05/2013GrantedClosed

Environmental Permits

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