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Fracking companies need thousands of wells to make a profit. Every well drilled is a foot in the door!!!

Fracking Infographics

…Fracking Stages Infographic Fracking Impacts Infographic Underground Coal Gasification Infographic MORE RESOURCES: 20 Impacts of Shale Gas 20 Impacts of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) 20 Impacts of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)… Continue reading

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Hydraulic fracturing on trial – live updates

Thanks to the good people at for these updates – live commentary on today’s proceedings. Three people are on trial charged with occupying a fracking rig in Lancashire, November 2011. Follow live on Twitter or visit 16.20 Court has finished for the day. We restart tomorrow at 10am. Thanks for all your support, see you tomorrow! 15.46 Eric Vaughan is complaining. The rig… Continue reading

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New UK Fracking Licence Areas Confirmed

New UK Fracking Licence Areas Confirmed

Fracking Threat In UK: Already Licensed Areas In Red and Areas That May Soon Be Licensed In Orange (Click To Enlarge) The UK government has announced that roughly 60% of the UK is now available to be licensed to fracking companies. After a brief “consultation” period it is likely that the licenses will be handed out to fraking companies in the first half of 2014. The licenses would cover the exploitation of both shale oil and gas… Continue reading

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The scale of the threat of Shale Gas in Yorkshire should not be underestimated. Rathlin Energy and Third Energy, two conventional oil and gas companies, have drilled deep wells to explore the eastern side of the Bowland Shale. Both companies have used used stealth to pursue their fracking endeavours and both now have plans to carry out hydraulic fracturing tests. In addition Third Energy have employed Tesla Exploration to conduct invasive… Continue reading

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South East

The south east region is primarily threatened by the potential for shale oil and gas extraction in the Weald & Wessex basins. Licences for coalbed methane (CBM) in East Kent and Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) in the Thames Estuary have been relinquished and the current activity is further west in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. In particular the British Geological Survey (BGS) and a company called UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) have highlighted… Continue reading

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Our Forth – Musselburgh

Our Forth – Musselburgh is a non partisan community group based in and around “The Honest Toun” in East Lothian which is concerned about the impact of “Extreme Energy” industry on The Firth of Forth estuary, Forth Midland Valley, the Central Belt of Scotland and areas beyond. We care about the implications for our communities health and well being, our physical and natural environments and especially our land,… Continue reading

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Wirral Against Fracking

We are a local residents group working to raise public awareness of the threats from UCG & CBM to our health, environment & natural wildlife. Continue reading

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Extreme Energy

Extreme Energy As easier to extract energy resources are depleted by unsustainable consumption the system is resorting to more extreme methods. These more extreme energy extraction methods are much more environmentally damaging, dangerous and expensive. See Extreme Energy: The Road to Nowhere, Energy, Climate and Cuts: A Fork in the Road and Defining Extreme Energy: A Process not a Category for more details. Shale Oil & Gas Extracting… Continue reading

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