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New document shows fracking at Airth for six years

Residents of Airth have been exposed to fracking for nearly 6 years, an internal government document reveals. The document, recently discovered by Frack Off Scotland, shows that wells at Airth were fracked as early as 1997. In December the owner of the Airth site, Dart Energy, refused to answer when locals asked if the driller […]

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Annas Road Update - Cuadrilla contractor starts drilling 100`s of holes for sesimic monitoring equipment

Annas Road Update – Cuadrilla contractor starts drilling 100`s of holes for sesimic monitoring equipment

Residents north of the Ribble Estuary in Lancashire have began to notice Cuadrilla’s advance guard moving into the area. PR Marriott drill rigs will be in fields for the next few months ahead of attempts to drill and frack the first horizontal shale well in the country. As Cuadrilla step up the PR offensive preventing […]

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British Geological Survey: "Water contamination cannot be ruled out"

British Geological Survey: “Water contamination cannot be ruled out”

In a document obtained by Frack Off, the British Geological Society (BGS) admits fracking may pollute deep level water structures. The document – commissioned by Bath Council – outlines the threat of hydraulic fracturing to Bath’s thermal spa. In it, the government’s favourite fracking advisor concludes: “contamination of water resources by introduced fluids during the […]

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January Newsletter

Something we’ve missed? Send it to News Frack Free February in Somerset – Whole month of anti-fracking events including 6 public meetings, 5 film showings, 2 benefit gigs and many other events, organised by Frack Free Somerset Coalition Two new UCG licenses sold in Dee and Loughor Estuaries – Coal Authority (DECC) has […]

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Frack Free Febuary - Somerset

Frack Free Febuary – Somerset

Frack Free February is a Month of Action in Somerset with public meetings, talks, stalls, workshops, actions and more all raising awareness about the threats to our communities and the bigger picture of extreme energy. The Frack Free February Month of Action is an opportunity to: Systematically raise awareness about fracking & extreme energy to […]

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Cuadrilla scoping their own Environmental Impact assessment

Cuadrilla Resources have applied for an 18 month extension to their planning application at the Banks site in Lancashire. The local council have deemed that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required but instead of getting an independent body with some experience of fracking impacts to do it they have asked Cuadrilla to do it […]

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Huge gas plans for Airth: 100 wells, compulsory purchase orders and fracking not ruled out

Driller Dart Energy revealed some shocking truths at a meeting in the small Scottish village of Airth last night. Company representatives told an appalled audience they planned up to 100 wells in the area, representing a huge increase over previously announced plans. Angry residents pointedly asked whether fracking would be used as Dart drills for […]

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Cuadrilla are free to frack: Osborne's plans on shale gas

Cuadrilla are free to frack: Osborne’s plans on shale gas

A lot of noise has been created around George Osborne’s plans for shale gas. A detailed look, however, shows many holes and a tendency to shy away from difficult questions. This DECC document (see Chapter 5) reveals details about possible new regulation, the operation of the next oil and gas licensing round, as well as […]

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