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Frack Mob Video

Fracking lobbyists shows the truth of the Occupy movement

For those who ask: ‘what are the Occupy protests about?’ oil and gas lobbyists are a great example of the business elite’s hidden power inside government. Take the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). To get around public anger, the company behind the UK’s first fracking project, Cuadrilla, generate behind-the-scenes political support through Guildford District […]

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Press Release: Anti-Fracking Day of Action, as Cuadrilla’s Report Confirms that Fracking Causes Earthquakes


 Phone:     Nathan- 07858614861 Twitter: @frack_off 

 Yesterday saw a day of anti-fracking action as ‘Frack Off’ activists stormed a drilling rig in the morning and staged a ‘frack mob’ in the afternoon. At 5.30 this morning, nine members of anti-fracking network Frack Off halted work at Cuadrilla Resources drilling site in […]

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Press Release: Natural Gas Drilling Rig Stormed by Anti-Fracking Protesters

This morning nine people from the national anti-fracking network Frack Off have halted work at Cuadrilla Resources’ drilling site in Hesketh Bank, Lancashire. They ran on to the fracking site early this morning and scaled the drilling rig using climbing equipment. They aim to sit on top of the drilling rig for as long as […]

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