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Lower Stumble Hydrocarbon Exploration Site (South East) (Weald (Sussex/Surrey))


Cuadrilla has now secured permission to return to the site to Flow Test and Flare. A group of Balcombe residents lost a High Court battle to overturn the planning permission.

Cuadrilla can now return to the site at any time to continue work with just 1 weeks notice to residents. Planning permission expires on 02/05/17.

In 1986 energy company Conoco drilled a conventional exploration well on the Lower Stumble site situated half a mile from Balcombe village. With the advent of high volume hydraulic fracturing, Unconventional Gas Exploration company Cuadrilla Resources returned to the site with the intention to frack for shale oil and gas.

West Sussex County Council granted planning permission by delegated decision on the 23rd April 2010. On the 23rd July 2013 a drill rig and initial equipment arrived on site and on the 25th July 2013 residents of Balcombe and Sussex converge to blockade the drill site and resist Cuadrillas activities. The Great Gas Gala website provided information about the blockade! You can read the full story here…

Planning Applications

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Licensee Planning ID Notes Submitted Decision Status Consultation
Cuadrilla ResourcesWSCC/027/10/BATo upgrade existing stoned platform and drill an exploratory borehole for oil and gas exploration25/01/201015/02/2010ExpiredClosed
Cuadrilla ResourcesWSCC/005/14/BATemporary permission for exploration and appraisal comprising the flow testing and monitoring of the existing hydrocarbon lateral borehole along with site security fencing, the provision of an enclosed testing flare and site restoration.21/01/201413/03/2014ExpiredClosed

Environmental Permits

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Licensee Permit ID Notes Comments open Comments deadline Status Consultation
Cuadrilla ResourcesEPR/PB3439DP/A001Application from Cuadrilla Resources for an environmental permit for the accumulation and disposal of radioactive waste at Balcombe site13/07/201313/08/2013GrantedClosed
Cuadrilla ResourcesEPR/AB3307XD/A001Application from Cuadrilla Resources for an environmental permit for the management of extractive mining waste at Balcombe site16/07/201316/08/2013GrantedClosed
Cuadrilla ResourcesEPR/AB3307XD/A001/VARApplication to vary EPR/AB3307XD/A001 mineral waste permit.24/03/201725/04/2017ApplicationClosed