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  • Frack Free Doncaster

    The people of Doncaster want clean fresh water for the future of our region. We do not want millions of gallons of chemical waste left under our feet. Imagine not being able to use your water from your tap for […]

  • No Underground Coal Gasification North East

    NUNE – No Underground Coal Gasification North East, we a group of people concerned about the potential impacts of the experimental technology called Underground Coal Gasification, a process for exploiting coal that cannot be mined because the seams are too […]

  • Frack Free Hartlepool

    We are a group of people that believe in the power of voice of the people. The licenses that have been sold to Five-Quarter energy for Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) along our coast line, have been sold with no public […]

  • Seaham action group (ACG)

    Fighting against Fracking and Underground Coal Gasification on our coastline.

  • Frack Free Stockton

    A local group to raise awareness of and fight against all extreme energy in the area, in conjunction with Frack Free Cleveland.

  • Frack Free Tyne and Wear

    Frack Free Tyne and Wear is a group of concerned residents who have come together to campaign against extreme energy exploitation in the North-East. We are part of a regional, national and international network of similar groups.

  • Frack Free Cleveland

    A group to raise awareness of and fight against all extreme energy in the Cleveland area which includes the North York Moors and Teesside, working alongside other groups in the North East to save our countryside, health, water, wildlife and […]

  • North East Extreme Energy Awareness Group

    The group purpose is to raise awareness of which methods the energy industry intends using in the North East, the dangers involved, how it will affect our area, and the risks it poses to our environment and it inhabitants.