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Fracking Scotland: Time To Get Organised

Blog Fracking Scotland: Time To Get Organised

  • 4 Frackers focused on the Midland Valley
  • Dart Energy, INEOS, Cluff and Reach CSG
  • UK’s first production application at Airth
  • Outcome of Dart’s planning appeal imminent
  • Dart have permission to drill at Skinflats
  • Production plans for 1,300 wells in PEDL 133
  • IGas acquire Dart to access 1m acres of UK
  • 5 UCG licences already sold in Firth of Forth
  • Cluff Natural Resources plans at Largo Bay
  • More than 1 billion tons of coal targeted
  • Extraction would require over 4,000 wells
  • Plans to sell all Central Belt to frackers
  • 14th Onshore License round happening now
  • Communities getting organised to resist threat
  • Now is the time to get informed and organised

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