Do your own research

Type “fracking” into Google and you’ll get over 15 million search results. Type in “Underground Coal Gasification” or “eroei” and you face a slightly reduced information overload. When the mainstream media has been hijacked by the very corporations who want to keep the population confused and in the dark the best way to see the bigger picture is to do your own research.

Aim to find out everything you can about the technology, economics and everyone involved; the companies, investors, the directors and executives and the advocates.

Shortcuts to all of the information sources on our site

Mapping tools

A brief guide to searching UK planning websites

  1. First find your local planning authority Wales & England, Scotland
  2. Now find the planning section of your councils website.
  3. Search by location, applicant or keyword. Companies to look out for and example application titles are listed here…

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