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Want to know more about Fracking and the threat it poses to your community, the UK and the planet? Want to get organised? Want to take action? You’ve come to the right place…

There are groups and individuals springing into action all over the country. It is important to remember that this is not just about stopping fracking. This is about creating a wave of change that can push back the powerful interests that are profiting from the current status quo. Your proximity to license areas, planning permissions and active sites may create the right conditions for urgent community action.

Your Next Step

1) The Frontline

You’ve checked the map and found that you live close to active planning permissions, proposed new sites or in a Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (PEDL) area. You want to get organised and do something right now. Check out the Frontline page…

2) Do your own research

You want to feel confident in your knowledge and understanding of the technologies involved and exactly what is going on in the UK. Check out the Do your own research page…

3) Spread the word

Awareness of fracking and extreme energy is spreading steadily but is strongly influenced by the corporate media’s version of the issue. Please help us spread the word. Tell everyone you know about the threat and encourage them to visit this website and our YouTube channel. You can use the social media links at the top of all our pages and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to do real world stuff too check out our guide here…

4) Get organised

You are not waiting for someone else to kick things off, for things to get worse or for the oil & gas industry to turn up on your doorstep. Maybe you are already part of a group or network. Getting organised in your local area is the way things are going to change. Find other people who who feel the same way you do and start working together. Let us know what you are up to. List your events and get your group on our map here…

Some suggestions

  • Organise a screening of Gasland 2! or any of our top films in your area
  • Start a local anti-fracking group
  • Organise a public meeting about fracking
  • Organise a demo at the headquarters of fracking company
  • Find out everything you can about everyone involved; the investors, the heads of the companies, the advocates: the who, the where, then what and the when. If you think you know something we should – please tell us. The more info we all have, the better.
  • More here…



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