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Extreme Energy in the UK: The Big Picture

Unconventional gas development is threatening the British Isles! This map contains details about the various threats and the growing resistance. For more information visit our homepage.

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Map key

  • Shale gas planning application (under consideration)
  • Shale gas planning application (approved)
  • Shale gas well (drilled)
  • Coal Bed Methane planning application (under consideration)
  • Coal Bed Methane planning application (approved)
  • Coal Bed Methane well (drilled)
  • Local groups
  • Exploration & production companies
  • Major investors
  • Underground coal gasification companies
  • Contractors
  • PR companies

The outlined area are DECC licences colour coded by the company: Cuadrilla Resources, Island Gas (IGas), Dart Energy, Reach CSG, Coastal Oil and Gas, UK Methane, Celtique Energie, Alkane Energy, Egdon Resources, Europa Oil & Gas, Aurora Petroleum, Magellan Petroleum, Norwest Energy and other companies. The black outlines off the coast are the 22 Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) licences granted and the brown outlines are UCG licences that are in the process of being sold.