Frack Free Yeovil Meeting (This event has passed)

Any interested in attending who have not previously attended meetings, please pm Michael J Vickery for venue location (house number) as they are currently held at a private residence. Many thanks*

Agenda (subject to changes)

1. Attendees, absentees and newbies – MV

2. Actions of last meeting – Facilitator

3. Finance update – AF
a. Account balance

4. FFY Events 2017 – KS/MV
a. Jumble Sale (Sat 12 August)
b. Gig (Sat 07 October)
c. Bingo (Tues 05 December)
d. Buzzz… it’s a secret! 😉

5. Other Anti-Fracking Events – MV/KS
a. Sustainable Chard “Fracking” – Weds 05 July
b. Not Here, Not Anywhere – Fri 07 July
c. Frack Free Community Weekend at KMPC – Sat 08 July –
d. Green Jobs, Renewables and Divest/Invest – Fri 14 July
e. Bike Ride – Thurs 20 July
f. Food Growers Against Fracking – Fri 21 July
g. Future Generations – Fri 28 July
h. “The Facts and Fiction of Fracking”, Fri 08 September

6. FFY Flyer Update – KS

7. Any Other Business
a. NFWI/Climate Coalition events, Sat 01 – Sun 09 July
b. Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival, Fri 14 – Sun 16 July
c. Sustainable Chard meal, Tues 18 July
d. Exclave, Fri 21 – Sun 23 July

Arrangements for next meetings