Crawberry Hill Community Fracking Blockade

Rathlin Energy is trying to frack a shale gas exploration well at their site at Crawberry Hill, Walkington near Beverley in East Yorkshire. The well was drilled last summer under the guise of being purely conventional, but also penetrated the Bowland Shale to take core samples. Rathlin now want to return to continue testing the well, including a mini-frac on the Bowland Shale to test whether it is possible to hydraulically fracture the formation. A camp has been set up outside the site and the community is getting organised to resist Rathlin’s plans. See Fracking Yorkshire: Rathlin Energy’s Plans Revealed for more information about Rathlin’s planns in Yorkshire. The fracking site in field north of Walkington Heads road between Walkington and Bishop Burton (see map below). For updates from the site see the Latest News feed.

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