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The fracking Czar – Lord John Browne

The fracking Czar – Lord John Browne

As 30% owner of UK fracker Cuadrilla, and with a seat in the heart of government, Lord John Browne is the UK’s fracking Czar. Indeed, John Browne is an extraordinarily powerful man. Notorious for his involvement in raising student tuition … Continue reading

The Bryan Times reports on gas leaks in Rawhide Village, Feb 16, 1988

“People were lighting the streets on fire”: 25th anniversary of Coal Bed Methane evacuation

2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the forced evacuation of a small village in Wyoming, USA following Coal Bed Methane (CBM) operations nearby. “It’s just kind of strange driving by all those empty houses and knowing what they have been … Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: Activists denounce earthquake report as `dangerous distraction`

The release today of a second report into the earthquakes caused by Cuadrilla resources’ fracking activity in Lancashire has been met with disdain from environmental activists. The report, commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), concludes that, … Continue reading

Industry & government studies find thousands of gas wells leaking worldwide - onshore and offshore

North Sea gas leak one of thousands worldwide

The leak at Total’s North Sea gas well is only one of thousands of gas wells leaking worldwide. Indeed, it’s an issue the industry tries to keep quiet – although it’s known about it for a long time. In 2000, … Continue reading

What does the announcement by IGas actually mean?

  • IGas claims double previous estimate of 4.6 tcf
  • Higher bound estimate for gas in place
  • Actual producible gas is small fraction of this
  • Probably less than a month of gas consumption
  • No chance of even slowing North Sea decline
  • Would require 1000′s wells to produce
  • Not comparable to Polish figures
  • Companies chasing investment cash with spin

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Igas Energy – Englands newest fracking company

Igas Energy – Englands newest fracking company

Igas Energy has been increasing onshore gas operations for several years. Yet few people have heard of England’s newest fracking company because Igas is complicated: the AIM-listed company is not simply a fracker – it drills for several kinds of … Continue reading