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Government “Open for Consultation” but moving decision making further away from the people

The Government have two “Open Consultations” about “Nationally Significant Infrastructure Planning” which close on the 7th Jan. The first is about “Extending the regime to business and commercial projects”, projects that are not nationally significant or infrastructure. The list includes large […]

Cuadrilla scoping their own Environmental Impact assessment

Cuadrilla Resources have applied for an 18 month extension to their planning application at the Banks site in Lancashire. The local council have deemed that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is required but instead of getting an independent body with […]

Huge gas plans for Airth: 100 wells, compulsory purchase orders and fracking not ruled out

Driller Dart Energy revealed some shocking truths at a meeting in the small Scottish village of Airth last night. Company representatives told an appalled audience they planned up to 100 wells in the area, representing a huge increase over previously […]

Fracking Desperate: The Scramble For Unconventional Gas

  • Second Dash for Gas pushed by government
  • Idea totally disconnected from reality we face
  • North Sea gas production in terminal decline
  • UK gone from exporter to major importer
  • Competition with Asia cutting LNG imports
  • Imports from Europe unlikely to grow
  • Consumption now being forced down
  • Gas much more scarce and expensive
  • Not the time to get even more addicted
  • Establishment willing gamble on shale
  • Because they will be insulated from costs
Communities Dig In To Fight Fracking

Communities Dig In To Fight Fracking

The long expected announcement that the government will allow fracking companies to continue attempts at exploitation of unconventional gas is the start of a major battle over what sort of world which we will leave to our children. In the […]

Cuadrilla are free to frack: Osborne's plans on shale gas

Cuadrilla are free to frack: Osborne’s plans on shale gas

A lot of noise has been created around George Osborne’s plans for shale gas. A detailed look, however, shows many holes and a tendency to shy away from difficult questions. This DECC document (see Chapter 5) reveals details about possible […]

HSBC – The Fracking Bank & Another Fracking Lord

If you thought that the fracking industry was confined to “Lancashire” you would be wrong. Behind all of the unconventional energy developments around the world you will find a trail of money put up by investors and financiers. The money […]

Debunking the US Emissions Myth: It`s the Economy Stupid

  • Shale being promoted as an economic miracle
  • Claimed to have reduced US carbon emissions
  • In reality caused by the economic crisis
  • Demand drop reduced US coal and oil use
  • Similar falls in UK and other countries
  • Coal and oil redirected to China etc.
  • Not practical for US gas so prices low
  • Gas production temporarily continued to grow
  • Due to variety of slow to change factors
  • Cannot continue as companies loosing money
  • Shale gas is expensive, dirty and short term