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About lobbyist PPS Group

PPS is a multi-client lobbying firm specialising in the property and development industry. Established in 1990 as Political Planning Services, PPS Group was formed in 1999 with two operating companies: PPS (Local & Regional) Ltd and PPS (Public Affairs) Ltd. […]

Fifty Attend fracking meeting in Brighton

Fifty people attended last night’s meeting on Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) at Community Base in Brighton. The meeting, hosted by South Coast Climate Camp, watched the Ecologist film ‘video‘ and listened to a presentation on plans for fracking in the UK. […]

Fracking lobbyists forged letters and posed as students

Many thanks to Powerbase for much of the source material for this post. Fracking lobbyists PPS Group are often to be found desperately spinning the frackers’ message. Yet the handsome offices of the Mayfair-based PPS belie a dark underside – […]

Poland: Fracking opponents block shale gas conference

Last week Polish activists disrupted the “Shale Gas World Europe 2011” conference in Warsaw. Below we republish their press release in it’s entirety… and don’t miss this inspiring video of their action. “We will do everything to assure that protests […]

Anti-fracking activists storm Cuadrilla rig for second time in a month

Anti-fracking activists storm Cuadrilla rig for second time in a month

Activists have settled in for a long-term occupation of Cuadrilla’s drilling rig in Hesketh Banks, Lancashire for the second time in a month. The controversial proposed fracking site was shut down This morning as 8 Bristol cyclists stormed the drilling […]

Frack Mob Video

Fracking lobbyists shows the truth of the Occupy movement

For those who ask: ‘what are the Occupy protests about?’ oil and gas lobbyists are a great example of the business elite’s hidden power inside government. Take the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing (fracking). To get around public anger, the […]

Press Release: Anti-Fracking Day of Action, as Cuadrilla’s Report Confirms that Fracking Causes Earthquakes


 Phone:     Nathan- 07858614861 Twitter: @frack_off 

 Yesterday saw a day of anti-fracking action as ‘Frack Off’ activists stormed a drilling rig in the morning and staged a ‘frack mob’ in the afternoon. At 5.30 this morning, […]